Sanoa - Web application

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Project Description

Web application developed in C#.

A web application developed with ASPX and C# using Visual Studio .Net Framework. It was developed for Saona, a company dedicated to the management of agricultural land and buildings.

This application is a complete management software that help users to maintain control of their agricultural land production and the workers' performance. The manager can control purchases, stock, resources as machinery and materials, gas usage, irrigation, work hours, treatments, share calendar entries with other users and create reports for treatment barrels usage, sectors evolution, productivity, roster and payments.

It's multilingual platform with an easy to use translation form. It's a multi-company, multi-farm and multi-user application, that can offer service to many clients using a single installation.

Project Details

Date: September 2010
Client: Saona
URL: Web application (user: "demo", password: "demopwd")